Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review


Reviewed by Allison Sherwood

After receiving the Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones the first thing I wanted to check with these headphones was comfort and I was not let down. These fit nicely over the ears and because the padding is so thick they were extremely comfortable to wear and I found I could wear them for a long time… something I can’t usually do with other headphones I have tried. They are very easy to adjust to fit the individual wearer.

Next came the sound quality… again I was pleasantly surprised as the sound was crystal clear and gave me enough volume to keep me happy.

The headphones were very easy to set up and pair with my phone (I tested these with my Samsung Galaxy S3). Initially you do this by connecting the cord from the headphones to your Bluetooth device but you only need to do this once as once paired your device will find them via Bluetooth. You can also use them as wired headphones.

The headphones have an on /off switch and also have a volume control which doubles as the button to skip tracks. I am still trying to figure out the volume control as when I use this button I just seem to skip tracks and not adjust the volume.

The range is good as I have been able to just pop them on then go do my housework in the bedroom for example and have had no interference. It is so convenient to not have a wire trailing and it is good to have the freedom of just popping these on and getting on with whatever I need to do…  and be able to change the track without having to go find my phone to do so.

The headphones make a bleeping sound if the phone rings so I never have to miss a call and as they double as a microphone well, I can just carry on with my call with no inconvenience. There was some echoing from the mic which was a little off-putting but not too much of a problem.

The charge lasts a long time and I have used mine for about 10 hours in total now and still not had to charge them.

Overall I would say these are very good value for the money (£29.95).

Rating: 4.5/5

For more information or to buy visit www.mobilefun.co.uk.

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