Awesome Adventures of The Animal Princess by Pranas T. Naujokaitis Review


Reviewed by Stephanie Moore

As it says on the back of this book, ‘Magical pyjamas, the rainy day cupcake monster, a three-headed wizard, buttercup, and me! It’s all here in my awesome and epic adventures!’ In fact awesome and epic adventures DID wait inside this book.

The Radically Awesome Adventures of The Animal Princess by Pranas T. Naujokaitis is three stories aimed squarely at the younger reader and is the tale of a rebellious princess who wants to do things her own way but always manages to win the day in the end. Being that this is a book aimed at the younger reader I thought what better way to review it than to let somebody from the target audience read it so I handed it over to my eight year old son to read and he give me his verdict, so here it is:

‘Thank you for the radically awesome adventures of the animal princess! I love it because I may be a boy and I’m 8 and other boys would think that it was for girl but it is also very enjoyable for a boy as well.

I liked the story about her magical pj’s because I liked the 3 headed wizard. I like the way there is more than 1 story in it and the front cover with all the baddies on it. The layout of the book is amazing and I like the way the speech bubbles are laid out. I found it fun and easy to read like it SAYS ON THE BACK. I give it 5/5 stars.’

After a glowing review like that I don’t think that I need say much more really. The language is quite American, ie ‘Mom’ and ‘Doofus’ so be aware if you do not like those Americanisms. It is a good enjoyable read that it quite funny. The length of the stories seem right (not to long) and even my four year old girls liked enjoyed looking through the pictures!

Rating: 5/5

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