Baby Annabell Learns to Walk Doll Review


BabyAnnabellLTW1Baby Annabell
Learns to Walk Doll

Reviewed by Laura Wragg

I was a little dubious when this baby Annabell doll arrived. Could a toy doll really “learn to walk”? The answer, in my experience, is yes but it’s not easy. Baby Annabell can crawl, sit up and walk holding your hands!


Baby Annabell arrived a couple of weeks ago much to the anticipation of my daughter. Having negotiated the substantial packaging and freed her from her box, we installed the batteries (4xAA, not included) and switched her on. And nothing. Time to read the instructions perhaps? Aware my five year old was rapidly losing patience next to me, I realised that Annabell’s arms and legs need to be in very specific positions for her to do anything but babble. After several minutes at floor level experimenting, we got her ‘crawling’ and sometime later she ‘learned’ to walk with support. It is quite tricky to do and not something my daughter can do by herself consistently so, unfortunately, she’s lost interest and Baby Annabell is simply another doll. She’s very well loved and looked after but I don’t think she’s crawled or walked since.


Other than the rather complicated routine to get her to perform, I can’t really fault Baby Annabell. She’s a very well made and finished product and worth the money but expect to be required regularly to assist when she’s played with.

Suitable for age 3-6 years.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £49.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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