Baby Nose-clear Vapour-ring Review


BabyNoseClearVapourRingBaby Nose-clear Vapour-ring

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

My 4 month old twin boys have been snuffly on and off since they were born.  I was so glad to come across these vapour-rings from 4little1.

The packaging is very nice yet informative. There are 3 rings in the pack, each comes in its own foil bag. These foil bags can be resealed and you can use each vapour-ring multiple times.

My boys definitely fed better when I fitted these rings to their bottles. In fact, I am sure they are now sleeping better as well. The vapours are 100% natural and are released safely which is great and the product is BPA free. The ring itself fits most wide neck bottles. There is no mess and the product is very easy to use.

The package clearly states that it can be used from 3 months plus. The RRP of this item is £6.99 and I feel that is it really good value.

I would definitely buy this innovative product again.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Available to buy from 4little1 here.


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