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BeabaTravelBoosterSeatTravel Booster Seat

Reviewed by Jenny Bray

This item arrived nicely packaged with a cardboard outer with the item picture and details on. It was easy to remove from this outer packaging and the seat itself was packed a bit like a travel bag as it was closed with a Velcro fastener. It is a grey colour with a pale turquoise trim, both of which are nice neutral colours to be able to use for either gender.

This item arrived in time for my Easter travels so I was able to test it out with my 2 year old and with some of his similar aged cousins. When setting it up I was impressed with how sturdy the item is and how well made it is. The base is inflatable so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be very strong or stable. This wasn’t the case though and the inflatable bit is a thick cushion zipped in to a pocket at the base of the seat. There are 5 grippy pads on the base to keep it secure on the seat so it doesn’t slip off. I really liked the fact that there is a machine washable cover included with the seat so this can be whipped off and washed if it gets food on (although I suspect it was provided equally for comfort as this item is produced for a number of other countries warmer than the UK whereby otherwise the child may get sweaty if sat directly on the normal seat material).

The straps to attach it to dining chair seats are adjustable to fit several different sizes of seat. These straps not only go round the seat but go over and under it to ensure a secure fit. All the clips for these straps are quick release clips for adults to quickly and easily use the item but they are all placed at the rear of the chair so the child can’t reach them and fiddle with them or make the seat unsafe. The ability for it to fit a variety of seats was tested while we were on our travels and it fitted all the seats it was tried out on. The seat also sat at a nice level on the chair to enable the child to sit at the table comfortably.

Overall I think this is a much better travel booster seat than others I have seen on the market. It is softer, so more comfortable for the child, than solid plastic ones and more robust than other material ones I have seen.

The only thing I would do to improve this seat would be to have made the washable inner so it covers the whole of the inside of the seat so it can be whipped off and shaken out or washed. Currently the seams of the actual seat are still exposed as the inner cotton seat ends where the seams are so food still ends up down there. This isn’t a huge problem as the whole seat is wipeable but, as the extra cover is already included, I feel it would improve it.

  • Adjustable four point straps for optimum support when attaching to chair
  • Two point belt with buckle helps to keep child secure
  • 100% cotton machine washable removable cover
  • Inflatable cushion for your child’s comfort
  • Carry handle fitted

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 half Star

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