Ben and Jerrys Cores Review


Ben & Jerry’s Cores

Reviewed by Sara Binstead

My husband and I were very excited to receive the vouchers for two tubs of the new Ben & Jerry's Cores ice-cream.

My husband chose Core: Dough-ble Whammy which is a core of soft Chocolate fudge sauce (12%) surrounded by Chocolate & Cookie Dough ice creams with Chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (7%), he really enjoyed the actual ice cream as cookie dough is his favourite, but the core was too sweet, he managed some of it but found it was too much, but the ice cream was of the same top quality as all of the Ben & Jerry's range.

I had Core: Berry White which is a core of chocolate truffle sauce (12%) surrounded by vanilla ice cream with white chocolaty flakes (4%) and raspberry ice cream with raspberry pieces (4%), I would buy and eat this all the time if it wasn't for the core, I found the core to be very bitter and just not nice, the raspberry ice cream with the white chocolate flakes and raspberry pieces was sublime and personally I think the best ice cream that Ben & Jerry have done, it's just a shame that I didn't like the core. I have to say though that I would buy it again just for the ice cream bit!

Overall the ice cream was great it was just the cores we weren't keen on! 

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