Best Friends Bakery: A Spoonful of Secrets by Linda Chapman Review


Reviewed by Siobhan Bridgwater

This is a charming novel with lots of sketched illustrations, recipes and notes throughout the book. I gave it to my 10 year old son, Sid, to read and this was his feedback:

First impression was that this was a book aimed more at girls than boys because the cover was “flowery and swirly”, but once I started I found it was a very easy read and easy to follow and understand. The story was one of friendship grown out of a mutual love of baking between two girls, Hannah and Mia and the pressures girls are under to be cool and fit in. The pictures were quite fun but why were the eyes always looking to the side?

Final thoughts from him:
As I don’t really like baking that much, it really wasn’t my kind of book but I did think it would be a good book for girls aged around 7 to 10 that enjoy an easy read.

My thoughts:
Beautifully tender little book, innocent and straightforward. Perfect for girls of this age whose friendship groups are so important to them and for those that share a passion that makes them different from their friends. The author has a great way of reinforcing the message that it is good to be different and important that you follow your desires not those of the crowd. The book is beautiful written and dotted with recipes and baking hints. Entwined into the girls story, is the unhappy tale of George, the talented tennis champion, who has lost his love for the sport. He wants to play the drums and hang out with his friends but does not know how to tell his Mum. And naturally, honesty and the importance of being true to yourself is the secret recipe to happiness. A very nicely concluded story.

And just as a post script: Sid loves baking and devoured this book in a couple of hours but would never admit to enjoying something so “girly”.

I thought it was fabulous.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99

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