Big Game Hunters Aztec Wigwam Play Tent Review


Reviewed by Lucy Knight

Summer is my absolute favourite season, and I love nothing more than sitting in the garden watching my children play. I am a big kid at heart and love to get involved in the role play games that they play. My children are 5 and 19 months and are both very outdoorsy, so when I found out I would be getting to review the Aztec Wigwam Play Tent from Big Game Hunters I was over the moon. The tent is recommended from age 3 but my little monkey was fine just sitting there with his sister.

I always wanted a wigwam as a child but things like this weren’t available 25 years ago when I was 4 or 5 and if they were they were very hard to come by. I was so excited that my children would be able to live my dream, and hoping deep down that I would fit inside.

I didn’t tell them that we would be reviewing the Big Game Hunters Aztec Wigwam, as I wanted to see the delight on their faces when I set it up for them. My favourite thing about this review is that you can use it outdoors or in – although I’m sure there will be many arguments to come over whose bedroom it will stay in, so maybe best to stick to using downstairs or in the garden for now.

Delivery was very prompt and I was updated via at each stage of the process. I found this great as I felt really involved and excited about the arrival. I was actually at work when delivery was made but it was left with my neighbour who brought it round as soon as someone was home. The box was really compact which I was surprised about as I was expecting it to be quite large.

I decided to set it the following day, while my daughter was at school and my son was napping so that they would both get a lovely surprise (other than having to watch me build). Assembly was really simple and the instructions very straightforward. I set it up on my own in around 20 minutes. The box contained the canvas cover, the poles (which come in 2 parts), connectors for the poles and rope to secure them together. I love simple projects as I am sometimes easily confused…

I have quite a big garden, so once I had completed the build I set the tent up ready for my daughter coming home from school. The tent is truly stunning and I knew my daughter would love it (my son loves anything so his opinion doesn’t really count). The quality is so much better than I had imagined and I can see it lasting a very long time.

To set up the tent you have to move the poles outwards from the bottom and you can do it as wide or as narrow as desired. There is an opening for the door which had Velcro fastenings so you can close it, but this only really works when the tent is narrow. I prefer the tent open though as not only does it look better, you can fit more people in and I can see my little monkeys playing.


When my daughter arrived home from school she squealed with delight! We had been watching the film Pocahontas a couple of days earlier so she decided that we would now play a Pocahontas game. It was a pleasant day so I decided to sit back and watch while she bossed her little brother around. They had such a lovely time playing and it is the first time that we have had a tent robust enough not to be knocked down by my Godzilla-like son. He tends to jump through the window of the other tent we have…

The tent comes in a lovely blue Aztec design on a cream canvas, which is unisex. I’m not really one to say that blues are for boys and pinks are for girls and I absolutely love the design of it, it’s perfect that my children can share and play together. The canvas is very hard wearing, made from cotton, is waterproof and can be handwashed with cool water.

It has an internal height of 150cm and a diameter of 140cm meaning you can fit a few children inside. My daughter and I took it out into the front garden yesterday and a couple if the neighbours children ran over in awe asking if they could go inside. The three of them fit in comfortably and had a great time playing, it got quite windy though so they didn’t play long.

The wigwam is very quick and easy to fold down and put back up again. We have it stored in our downstairs cupboard, it doesn’t take up too much space and can quickly be brought out again for picnics in front of the television or in the garden on hot summer days.

The Big Game Hunters Aztec Wigwam Tent is a humongous hit in our house (me included – I have had the odd picnic in there too). It is stunning, robust, durable and affordable. It is priced at £59.99 which I think is an amazing price compared to other wigwams on the market. I had shopped around before getting the chance to review this wigwam and had seen quite a few other designs, which to be honest are way over priced when there is something of such high quality at such an affordable price available from Big Game Hunters.

I would definitely recommend this Wigwam, as would my children. We give it top marks!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £59.99

Available to buy from Big Game Hunters here.


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