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Big Potato Games Don’t Get Got! Review

Reviewed by Louise Watts

As children get older, it is hard to steal them away from the draw of technology and gadgets. Playing games and communicating through conversation with friends and family becomes an increasingly rare occurrence. That said however, we must try our hardest to keep our children and young adults engaged in the real world where effective communication and social interaction are vital life skills.

Over the Christmas period, I had a parcel delivered to me to review. It contained a game called “Don’t Get Got”. It could not have arrived at a better time as the kids were all off school, family were visiting and there were various parties occurring which we had all been invited to. This was the perfect scenario to test out my new game.

“Don’t Get Got” is not your traditional board game in fact it is quite the opposite, more of an undercover game. It is marketed as suitable from age 14 plus and can accommodate between 2 and 8 players at one time. Basically, each player is given 6 secret missions to achieve, the first player to succeed in 3 missions wins. The sneakier you are the better! This game is played alongside your normal day such as at a party where you can engage with people playing the game and also people who are not involved. This then provides the perfect distraction for other players and makes it more likely that they will Get Got!

The game comes neatly packed in a cubed box and is brightly coloured to capture your attention right from the beginning. On opening the box, it is very tidy inside containing 186 mission cards and 8 mission wallets. The idea is you pick your 6 mission cards and place them in your wallet. On the flip side of the mission cards, it says “Nailed It” or “Failed It” to reflect whether you were successful in your mission or not.

We took the game to several family events over the festive period and got many different age ranges to play it. It took a while to establish how it actually worked but with some determination and perseverance we succeeded. My teenage children thought it was very funny to get other family members and the older people were not going to allow themselves to be “Got” by the younger generation and so upped the sneaky anti!

This game is made by Big Potato Games and is available from many retailers including Amazon where it sells for £20. This was the best price I could find. I think personally this is a little over priced for what is basically a box with some cards and a few plastic wallets, however it will provide hours of entertainment in the right settings, so you may consider it cost effective if it keeps your teenagers off their phones!

I think the age of 14 is appropriately set as anyone under that would not really be able to understand how the game works and therefore it would be a waste of time and money. It is the perfect game for adults at a party, especially after a few glasses of wine when people’s competitive and sneaky sides really have the chance to shine!

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £20

Available to buy from Amazon here. For more information on Big Potato and all their games visit

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