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Bio-D Cleaning Products Review

Reviewed by Deborah Mackenzie

I was fortunate to be selected to do a review of Bio-D cleaning products and they sent me a selection of their range. As I am fussy and a big brand buyer when it comes to laundry, dishes and personal hygiene I was a bit sceptical as how they would perform.


Bio-D is an independent, family owned, ethically motivated company whose products have a minimum impact on the ecosystem both in their manufacturing process and when used. They have a strict policy where none of the raw materials or finished products are tested on animals and are subject to scrutiny and approval by many societies including The World Wildlife Foundation. Even their bottles, containers and packaging are recyclable.

Often we just purchase products without knowing what is in them and what they are doing to our environment, at time even causing a reaction to our skin. Bio-D’s strapline brings our attention to take notice.

We believe it is possible to have effective natural and safe cleaning products that don’t cost the earth

BioDHandWashHand Wash Sanitiser – Fragrance Free – 500ml (RRP: £3.76)
The scent free sanitising hand wash in a dispenser bottle was gentle on my hands, yet they felt soft and clean. Bio-D states that it is fast acting anti-bacterial that has been tested and kills 99.9% harmful germs including E Coli, Salmonella and MRSA. We always use anti-bacterial hand wash in the kitchen, so this was perfect for our use. Most shop bought brands have a scent to their products and this was missed when I first used it, however, now I actually prefer it.

Laundry Products
I used the Laundry Liquid (RRP: £4.50 1l / £21.05 5l / £61.60 15l), Laundry Powder (RRP: £4 1Kg / £7.85 2Kg / £45.05 12,5Kg) and Fabric Conditioner – Lavender (RRP: £2.75 1l / £10.10 5l / £30.30 15l).


The washing powder and liquid performed better than I expected, with removing stains off kitchen towels that had been used at one point to wipe up various spills. I also washed one of our cat beds that was heavily soiled from use, came up cleaner than if I had used our normal branded product.

The fabric conditioner was a thinner liquid than other brands I have used, and has a lovely lavender scent. My first load I used the recommended dosage, which made our washing soft and smelt very strongly of the lavender. After this wash I found that using half the dosage was enough for a load of washing.

I truly was amazed at these laundry products and would recommend them.

BioDWashingUpWashing-up Liquid with Grapefruit (RRP: £2.19)
I normally cannot use cheaper brands of washing up liquid as it causes a reaction to my skin, but the Bio-D Washing-up Liquid with Grapefruit had no reaction to my skin.

Our dishes were clean and grease free, and even frying pans were left without any remnants of grease or burnt on bits. I loved the grapefruit scent.

Bio-D have a wide range of products, in various sizes that are available to purchase online. Their prices are very competitive, however, if you are conscious about what impact you are having on the environment it is priceless.

Rating: 5/5

For more information or to buy any of these products online visit www.biodegradable.biz.


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