Blue Apple Books ABC Doctor by Harriet Ziefert Review


Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

From a very young age my daughter has seen many doctors, had blood tests, xrays etc and as a result has developed a real phobia of going to the doctors and hospital.

Our most recent visit was when she had tonsillitis and the whole experience was upsetting not just for her but for myself too.

My daughter didn’t want to look at the book at first as she associates doctors and hospitals with pain and crying.

I took it very slowly with her and gently began reading, after a few pages my daughter had had enough and said no more.

The next day I tried a little more and also reminded her that we had read the ABC Dentist book together not so long ago and she seemed to relax a little.

After a hard start my daughter was soon engrossed in the book and pointed out the words she knew.

I cannot recommend these ABC books enough as they are a learning tool and help to ease the nerves especially for young ones.

These books will be read often in my house as I don’t want my daughter to be afraid and upset, I want her to see that going to the doctors when poorly is a good thing as the doctors make you feel better.

Rating: 5/5

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