Bob Harper Totally Ripped Core Review


Bob Harper
Totally Ripped Core

Reviewed by Paul Harvey

This is a fitness DVD where Bob Harper introduces two revolutionary cutting-edge workouts. This is quite an intense workout DVD concentrating on the body’s core, also involving arm & leg muscles, and a fair amount of balance work. The DVD consists of a main workout, a bonus workout and then some previews of other Bob Harper DVDs.

Workout 1 – (48 minutes inc. 2 min warm-up and 3 min cool-down) It consists of numerous exercises (with or without some little weights) which will have your heart racing and that body core aching! Some of the exercises are quite tricky, but Bob and his assistants show you very well. Having neglected my fitness recently it was quite hard work, but then it is quite different from your regular fitness DVDs and I will be happy to use this again and again.

Workout 2 (Bonus Material) – (12 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down) This is a condensed routine in case you don’t have the time to do workout 1. It is a condensed routine, but more than puts you through your paces!

I was initially a bit apprehensive about this American fitness DVD, but Bob Harper isn’t one of those annoying and over-excitable fitness fanatics. He shows you how it’s done with ease and his colleagues in the studio prove that it’s not always a doddle. It is a great DVD with variation and the option to skip sections you may find difficult (it has a timer bar at the bottom of the screen which is a great help).

It’s available from Amazon for £8.99, which is reasonable for a good fitness DVD.

Overall I was very impressed with this DVD which works your body core and gets your heart-beat racing. I would recommend it to friends / family, and it may even get rid of my beer belly one day!

Rating: 4/5

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