Brainbox Candy Partial to Wine Mug Review


PartialtoWineMugPartial to Wine Mug

Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

The packaging is very compact and sturdy, in simple yet attractive grey and pink colours. What I did find quirky was the addition of witty “instructions for use” printed on the packaging… one example is the suggestion that the mug could be used for a variety of drinks or even to bath your hamster in (it is worded in a way that will make you smile!). If I were to give this as a present, this would be a selling point to add to the “fun” of the gift.

The mug is chunky, the colours are bold and manufactured to a high quality. To clarify this a little, the colour was a uniformed shade, without any “patches” in the print. The design is printed on both sides of the mug. It has also survived the dishwasher several times!

A nice feature that I picked up on is that the inner part of the handle and the very top and bottom exterior portions of the handle, have a very slight texture to them (as opposed to the smooth shiny glaze to the exterior of the mug). I can only assume that this is intentional, to help the user to keep a firm grip. For me this design feature helps to justify the price of the mug, as it is a little higher than I would normally pay for an everyday mug.

This mug would make an ideal occasional gift or even as a joke present. I have awarded it 4 stars out of 5. The chunky design, quirky packaging, quality finish and anti-slip handle sell this product for me, but it is a little expensive for a mug so I felt that I needed to deduct one star.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £8.50

Available to buy from Brainbox Candy here.

4 Star

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