Brainstorm Animal Torch and Projector Review


AmimalTorchProjectorAnimal Torch and Projector

Reviewed by Michelle Macpherson

Good to look at on first glance! This product arrived in a brightly coloured cardboard packaging with animals printed on it with a clear plastic cover. The torch was visible and therefore very enticing to my 4 years old son!

Upon opening the torch appears to be made of relatively sturdy plastic as were the three plastic slides with the animals printed on them. The toy came with batteries included which is a big plus (avoids disappointment if you realise you have no batteries at home).

The torch was very simply decorated in bright primary and secondary colours. The bulb in the torch is bright and works well. The torch projects images of animals from the torch onto a wall, door or any light coloured surface. The projection can go up to 1metre wide, however the images are clearer at a closer distance! The slides have 24 images between them giving a great variety of animals to look and name.

The very simple instructions were printed on the back of the packaging. It was easy enough for older children to read and follow or to read to younger children to follow. My son found the torch easy to use and changing the slides was a very simple task – just pull down tab and slot it in.

The item was great fun for my son to use. The variety of colour used on the product was excellent and allowed us to look at colours. The product allows children to look at, name and chat about a variety of animal species. It is good for creating conversation opportunities with your child and increasing vocabulary knowledge.

My son enjoyed the item and it’s a great price at only £6. I would definitely recommend this item to others.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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