Braun CoolTec CT2s-w Review


Reviewed by Brian Grehan

When I was much younger I was extremely aspirational and I watched a lot of TV ads with great interest. Some of them influenced me and I thought I want that product. That would make my life a bit more complete.

Braun razors were one the ads I remember most. I was also greatly influenced by my father. He also had a Braun razor. Now if he had one and the ads were accurate then it must be right to have a Braun razor. So when the opportunity came to review a CoolTec electric razor by Braun I jumped at the chance.

For years I used a blade razor and I thought this was the closest shave I could get. But this was before I used the Braun CoolTec razor. I have used battery razors before and most left my skin irritated and red. This CoolTec has what’s called an integrated electro ceramic cooling element. This nice piece of kit cools and calms the skin while you shave which is a major plus point for me.

Another issue that I have is that I am left handed and using a blade razor I sometimes missed areas where it looks like I have not shaved at all! This was a bit embarrassing as I had thought I was clean shaven. Now with the Braun CoolTec I feel confident that have covered all areas that needed shaving. The razor has a SensoBlade for a smooth shave. This razor is designed to target and capture hairs that grown in different directions. This means that I don’t have to turn and twist my face like some contortionist to get every hair.

There is an adaptable cutting system with 2 independently moving cutting elements that help you shave every contour of your face and neck. I really like this as I won’t feel like I am half shaved.

I love this Braun CoolTec razor. It has changed me from a blade shaver to this fantastic modern bit of technology. Now I know I am an advertisers dream and will look at every ad with interest but most I wouldn’t give a second thought to but with this Braun CoolTec system I am glad I have got the chance to use it each and every day. I used to leave shaving till I absolutely needed to shave. Now shaving has become a pleasure not so much a chore.

If I could give this a higher mark I would but all I can say is 5/5.


Rating: 5/5

RRP: £199.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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