Braun CoolTec Electric Shaver Review


BraunCoolTecBraun CoolTec

Model no: CT2s-w

Reviewed by Les Taylor

The Braun Cooltec CT2s-w states that it’s the worlds 1st shaver with active cooling technology, calming the skin and minimizing skin irritation.

As a man who suffers from extremely sensitive skin, this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I decided to ditch my usually throw away razors and wait, with a few days growth, for the razor to arrive.

The shaver arrived Friday afternoon and after a quick 45 minute charge was ready to go. The packaging was not too excessive, the three large ice cubes on the front gave a hint of what the product was trying to achieve and the unit itself was easy to remove. The shaver sat within the cradle and began charging straightaway. The unit itself was quite heavy with most of the weight sat within the top third. This could lead you to be impressed by the solidly built device or think it is far too cumbersome to use on a daily basis. Operation of the unit was simple enough, the on/off button directly below the blue snowflake button which activates the central cooling bar.

So how was the shave? I started the cool bar button and waited a few seconds for this to start to work and then began to shave. My previous wet shave had been 3 days earlier so I had a fair amount of stubble. The rotating foils adapt to the facial contours and can be used in any direction which is a big plus for me and the adapting cutting length meant they should be able to deal with any growth. I went over my face a couple of times and removed the majority of stubble with ease, my fiancée also commented on how smooth it felt, however I found a number of hairs almost impossible to remove on my neck close to the Adam’s Apple now whether that was my lack of experience with electric razors or a design fault on this model I’m yet to discover. I did ultimately rid these hairs but it did take considerable longer than my normal wet shave method. I did find the trimming blade very useful and trimmed my sideburns without any difficulty. The cooling bar most definitely did exactly what it said and I suffered zero irritation and my skin felt very healthy after the shave.

The unit is waterproof and is therefore very easy to clean under the tap or also use actually in the shower. It can be bought with a cleaning station too but I feel this would be a waste as it comes apart easily enough and takes seconds to clean.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the shaver although I did feel it struggled a bit with some tricky to reach places. I think it would be better to use on a daily basis to really get the best out of it.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £199.99 (currently £99.99 on Amazon)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

3 Star

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