Brewers Fayre Brookers Oast Take Away Service Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Having not tried a pub take away service before I gave the Brookers Oast a call in the morning to check everything was ok. The phone was picked up promptly and the gentleman that answered the call explained succinctly that I just needed to call 30 minutes before we would like the food and that it would be ready for us. It was such a nice day that we decided to have a drink in the garden while we waited and let our little boy play on the play equipment so we set off without ordering. Luckily I had checked the location of the pub on the telephone earlier as although you can see it from the main road, the entrance is not that easy to find.

When we arrived we were greeted by a very welcoming barman, who straightway gave Ethan the pin machine to play with to keep him occupied. I explained that we had a voucher, and despite having to check with the manager, it was smiles throughout and really efficient service. The takeaway menu itself is quite limited but has a selection of light bites such as baguettes, hot food, kid meals and desserts. I chose the Chicken Tikka Masala curry, my husband the ribs, and grilled chicken breast for my son. I asked to change his chips to mash and that was not a problem at all, the substitute was easily made. The children’s menu was not amazingly healthy, standard fare such as burger and pizza, and everything came with chips except for the sausage and mash meal, but I guess they have to cater for the masses.

We ordered drinks and I asked how long it would be and was told 15 minutes, unfortunately it didn’t really register that 15 minutes was not enough time to drink and play, so when the meal came out in super quick time we weren’t ready for it. The waiter happily took it back to the kitchen and put it in the warmer for us until we were ready to leave.

The takeaway was packed up in a huge paper bag so we excitedly unwrapped to see what was inside. All the meals were boxed up in cardboard boxes which I was pleased with being a keen recycler. We live around 40 minutes from the pub so the meal did look a little sorry for itself when we arrived home, but it didn’t affect the taste at all. My husband’s ribs were nice and meaty and came with chips, salad and coleslaw and were the most expensive thing on the menu at £11.29. Ethan’s chicken breast was nice and moist and large enough to save some for his lunch the next day, we though the kids meals were good value at £3.99. My curry was really good, in fact Ethan ate quite a bit of it! It was just nicely spicy, not bland as some pub curries can be, and came with a nan bread and poppadum.

All in all we were really pleased with the meal, it didn’t actually save on washing up as we tipped out onto hot plates to keep the food warm, but you could easily eat from the boxes for a picnic etc… We both thought it made a nice change from the normal takeaway, although I would like to see a larger choice of main meals and kids meals without chips. My only other criticism is that is hard to find the take away menu on the website, it takes a bit of searching and is not immediately obvious that they even do take away.

We enjoyed it though and would use again if we were in the vicinity.

We would rate it 4.5 out of 5 (but 5 out of 5 for service).

Rating: 4.5/5

For more information call 01622 872818 or visit:

Brookers Oast. The Hop Farm, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, TN12 6PY

4 half Star

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