Bruce Dickinson – What Does This Button Do? at The Lowry Review

22 October 2017


Reviewed by Jan Mellor

As the lead singer of one of the most Influential and successful rock bands “Iron Maiden”, Bruce Dickinson is synonymous in the world of rock for his amazing vocals, song writing skills, his bands’ label bitter “Trooper” named after the symbol of Iron Maiden, and the Iron Maiden Boeing 747 aeroplane only piloted by the very man himself Bruce Dickinson.

As he walked onto stage with a brush as a prop, the audience (a very packed house) rose applauding wildly. The first half of the show was to be dedicated to his new autobiography “What Does This Button Do?” (referring maybe to his early piloting days?) and the second half to an ‘open mic ‘ sessions with questions from the audience. He was introduced on his video as entrepreneur, fencer, singer and pilot and shared many humorous and sincere photographs of Bruce’s days at school (known then by his Christian name Paul) sharing with the audience embarrassing photographs, school reports and of days in his first band “Samsung”. Bruce threw numbered tennis balls into the audience to enable them to tell him which chapter of his book to read out – it turned out to be 24 (or should it have been 42?). Bruce read through the chapter, shared with us the eccentric costumes he wore is his day (in the 80’s/90’s) and the audience obviously remembering the gigs they attended and witnessed this garb fondly laughed both at and with Bruce. The clips of his book were both entertaining and seductive as the audience clung hard to their treasured copies.

The second half was equally as fast and funny with some great questions and honest and amusing responses from their master. Owning up to personal questions about his tattoos, drug habits (or lack of them!), his brush with cancer and his weaknesses left the theatre wanting more and more. He had a great stage presence, was sincere but not corny or patronising and each “Iron Maiden” t-shirt wearing punter were clapping and laughing with delight at the endearing superstar before them.

The afternoon talk was a sheer joy. I am really looking forward to reading this book and if you get the chance (especially if you are an Iron Maiden fan) give this event a go. It’s a great insight into a phenomenon.

Very entertaining!

Rating: 4/5

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