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Buying A Family Home? These Tips Will Help You Move In Before Christmas!

With Christmas fast approaching there are many families stuck in limbo. Perhaps you’re buying a house and are getting ready to move in? You want to be settled in by December 25th, but things are looking quite tight. Here are a few tips that will help you move in on time:

Start Packing Your Boxes

The worst part of moving home is packing everything away and moving it to your new house. Often, if you aren’t prepared, your family can be pushed back by a week thanks to all the packing. With a tight schedule between now and Christmas, a week can be a huge deal. What you need to do is start packing your boxes right now. Even if your bid hasn’t been accepted, you can start getting lots of stuff ready. All you have to do is keep the essentials unpacked that you still need to use every day. Everything else can get boxed away and ready to move when you get the green light. Similarly, you can start clearing your house of anything you won’t take to your new home. This saves time when you get the go ahead, and you can move into your new home with minimum fuss before Christmas.

Find A Good Lawyer

If you’ve never bought a house before then, you might not know that legal help is necessary. When it comes to the time when contracts get drawn up, you’ll need to get conveyancing solicitors involved. Pick a bad one, and it can slow down your progress and will be months before you move in. But, choose the best lawyer, and you can speed things up quite considerably. If you get those contracts drawn up, signed, and exchanged, then you can get ready to move in. We’re talking about a difference in weeks and months here with your choice of lawyer. It’s a big decision, and you need to make the right one if you want your family to spend Christmas in a new home this year. Do lots of online research and read recommendations from people online. Also, consider asking people in your local area to see who they suggest as well.

Be Persistent And Pester

The problem with us Brits is that we have a tendency to be too polite at times. If we ask someone to do something, then we don’t like asking twice. The problem with moving house is that you have to ask people more than twice if you want quick results. To move the whole process along quicker, you have to be persistent and pester people. You’ve got to get on that phone and call up the estate agents and push them to work quicker. You need to call a handyman and get him to check out the house, and you need to call him again if he’s not on schedule. It will be months before you move in if you aren’t willing to pester people. If you are, then it could be a matter of weeks.

Follow these tips and your family will soon be celebrating Christmas in your new home!

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