ChokaBlok The Rocky Road of Love Heart Review

ChocaBlok The Rocky Road of Love Heart

Reviewed by Joanne Watson

I was very eager to receive this product – what lady could refuse chocolate through the post, and I was not disappointed!

Firstly I was extremely impressed with the packaging of this product. It was bright and colourful, with purple and pink hearts: very appealing to females!! The heart shaped cut away window allowed me to see the product inside, which revealed a delicious looking heart shaped chocolate covered in extra goodies. The slogan ‘Chok full of love’ was written on the front of the packaging, which made it very clear that this was an indulgent product. On the back the information was written in a heart shape and was written quite informally and with humour. The information was very clear and made it obvious that this product was to be consumed by, or was given by, someone you love, or who loves you. The packaging was easy to open and inside the chocolate heart sat on a black heart shaped tray. The image of hearts is everywhere on this product!

The product itself was made of milk and dark chocolate and was laden with marshmallows, little chocolate hearts and crunchy biscuit pieces, before being generously drizzled with extra chocolate. The product was packed with toppings, further giving the impression of indulgence. The chocolate itself was chunky and solid, and absolutely delicious! The mix of milk and dark chocolate meant it wasn’t too sickly and I could manage to eat it all.

I understand these are to be priced at £4 which I think is very reasonable for a product of this quality. It is not meant to be an every day chocolate treat, but meant for a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, and I think anybody would be happy to receive this as a gift. I would definitely buy this again, but would hope, even more so, that someone buys it for me, as it shouts of love and romance!

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Tesco

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