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Reviewed by Catherine Joyce

We have quite a large family, so I generally start thinking of Christmas presents in November so that I have time to come up with new gift ideas and get them ordered before stocks start to run low.

If your family is anything like mine there are always a few people that seem to end up with plants or flowers simply because I can’t think of anything they need. I always start with good intentions but in the end I run out of time and end up at the flower shop on Christmas Eve! This year I am going to surprise everyone as I have received a couple of food items to review and having tried them I know they will make perfect Christmas gifts for those “hard to buy for” friends and relatives.

Bakerdays are a company that deliver delicious cakes all over the UK. They specialise in LETTERBOX CAKES, which are small celebration cakes made to fit perfectly through your letterbox. They have a great range of Christmas and Seasonal cakes available in a variety of different flavours and after deliberating over the many different styles of cake I finally decided on the “International Bauble” cake.  There are a huge number of cakes to choose from but there are helpful filters on the website to narrow your search. We received the traditional sponge cake but you can also choose from chocolate chip, lovely lemon drizzle, gluten wheat free sponge, dairy free sponge or fabulous fruit. You are able to personalise your cake which makes it extra special and I was really pleased when we opened our cake as it looked beautiful.

All the cakes are handmade to order and they use only the best and tastiest ingredients. Their buttercream is made by themselves, using only real butter. There are no cheap alternatives, no preservatives, no funny stuff and when you taste their cakes you can tell. All the ingredients are listed on the website which is really helpful if you have relatives with allergies. Our cake was lovely and moist and tasted delicious.

The cakes come well packed in a nice little tin and there was a small cracker with our Christmas cake which was a lovely touch, making it feel more personal. The letterbox cake isn’t huge, it measures 5″ in diameter and the website suggests 3-4 portions. The cake cost £14.99 (letterbox gift cake with traditional sponge, other options are available) and if you order by 2pm it will be delivered the very next day.

Being able to personalise the cake makes this a lovely Christmas gift and I know my Grandma will love one of these cakes.

Another great gift idea is a subscription box, hugely popular across America they have really taken off in the UK over recent years. You can subscribe to boxes that contain everything from freshly roasted coffee, vegetables, expertly cured meats, everyday products, beauty products and much more delivered to your door

WowBoxMe is a monthly food subscription box and they will deliver a surprise selection of new, innovative and emerging products from unique brands every month.  There is a choice of either a non-alcoholic or an alcoholic box and prices start from only £6.67 a month (plus p&p) for the non-alcoholic box. You have a choice of plans, a monthly, three months or six months plan and they promise that the non-alcoholic box will contain a selection of 7-10 handpicked products worth over £14 in value. The alcoholic box starts at £9.50 (plus p&p) and will contain a selection of 7-10 handpicked products, including a bottle of wine, and will be worth over £17 in value. You have no idea what the contents will be until you receive your box, which adds to the fun! They do show what was in previous boxes on their website so you can get an idea of the sort of products that tend to be included.

We received a selection of 8 new products in our non-alcoholic box, Grace Plantain chips, a Nutella B-ready bar, a Goodness knows blueberry and almond bar, a packet of Hill nobbly oaties biscuits, a pack of McVities Digestives nibbles, a Tasty Bite Asian Pad Thai (a noodle dish that just needs reheating), a bottle of Aloe Vera water and a mango flavoured coconut water. With the exception of the Digestives nibbles I wouldn’t have bought any of these products so it was nice to try some new foods. The plantain chips were a big hit and I will definitely be looking out for those in the shops.

There is also a loyalty scheme where you have the option to review the products and this will gain you points which can then be used to buy more products, customise your box or receive merchandise like t-shirts or sun glasses in your next box.

The website is easy to navigate and there is a handy FAQ section which is worth a read if you are buying a subscription box for the first time. I think it would be helpful if the FAQ’s could include how much the p&p will be (I think it is £3.99 per box) as I couldn’t find this information and as the items can be quite heavy it could be reasonably expensive, it is definitely worth checking this with the company if you are thinking of  subscribing.

Overall this is a great way to try new foods and would make a nice gift for a foodie friend or relative.

What’s Good To Do will be reviewing lots of Christmas Gift Ideas this year, and you can read them all here and get some gift inspiration.

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