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Coronation Street Tour

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Coronation Street is one of the best known and loved soaps on television in the UK and I was lucky enough to attend the Christmas on the Cobbles studio tour.

Over its 53 year history the soap has had plenty of ups and down and has seen many much loved characters depart the well-known cobbles in spectacular ways.

My friend and fellow reviewer, Emma, made the journey from our hometown Eccles to the Manchester set by car and found a reasonably priced car park just round the corner from the entrance.

As traffic was good we made it in plenty of time so took the opportunity to pose for a few photos along the way.

Upon arrival we signed in and every member of staff we encountered were friendly and welcoming.

Before we knew it 10am had arrived and it was time to begin our tour.

We were led to the green room and introduced to our tour leader who asked if we would like the full tour or just the Christmas on the Cobbles tour. As neither of us had been before we opted for the full studio tour and enjoyed every moment.

Seeing the sets was interesting and the tour leader was full of beans when telling us about the sets and even throwing in a few Corrie general knowledge questions along the way.

My favourite set was the Rovers Return pub as this is an iconic corrie venue loved by the cast.

After listening to some facts about the pub we were able to go behind the bar for a photo of us pulling pints which provided many a laugh!


Each set we encountered was decorated terrifically and looked so festive and really got us in the Christmassy mood!

We continued on with the tour and were shown different areas backstage when production takes place and learnt that 5 half hour episodes take a whopping 160 hours to complete!

Our next stop was the refreshment desk where mulled wine, tea, coffee, cookies, mince pies and sandwiches were offered. Being good I had a coffee but must say the food looked delicious and the hot drink was received well on the cold November day we attended.

Continuing on with the tour we saw many other sets, iconic items of cast clothing including wedding dresses, coats and even Roy Croppers apron!

The tour was made extra special by cleverly hidden aroma boxes which pumped out delicious winter scents such as chocolate orange and cinnamon.

Once our indoor tour was complete we were led to some double doors and asked to wait for a moment as there would be a surprise waiting on the other side.

Soon enough the doors opened and it was snowing! The Coronation Street theme tune was playing and it felt extremely magical!


Seeing the much loved set blanketed in snow was so heart-warming and our outdoor tour leaders explained that the snow was in fact made from a special waterproof paper substance.

The snow that was falling as we walked out of the doors onto the cobbles was foam but it all looked and felt real! We could even make a snow ball out of the paper snow!

The outdoor Christmas on the Cobbles tour was really fun for a Corrie nerd like myself!

Posing for pictures outside Streetcars, Roy’s Rolls, The Kabin etc… really is a must and is a good way of having fun with friends and family.

As you can see I posed lots!!!


During the tour we were given the chance to lie on the cobbles to act out the Tina McIntyre death scene but we declined as it was freezing but apparently this is an extremely popular scene with tour goers!

Seeing the houses was quite surreal as they look amazing and each door held many secrets which are revealed along the way by the super amazing tour guides.

At the end of the tour we were presented with goodie bags containing a folder full of corrie facts about Christmas, a back stage pass lanyard and card, a book of vouchers and a grow your own Christmas tree which will be a lovely reminder of our fab visit to Weatherfield!

The Christmas on the Cobbles and the Coronations Street tour are both brilliant and very factual and you will go away with lots of facts and memories.

I loved it so much that I am going to buy my mother in law tickets as she loves Coronation Street!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost from £15 to £64 (under 5’s are free).

For more information or to book tickets visit


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