Christmas with PNY Technologies Review


Reviewed by Louise Watts

With Christmas fast approaching, I know I struggle with what to buy for my husband and I am sure I am not the only woman facing this dilemma! My husband is the king of gadgets and technology and therefore it is difficult to buy anything for him that he has not already got.

I was recently sent 3 items from PNY Technologies to review and I decided there was no one better to test these out than my gadget mad husband. They arrived neatly packaged in a box and on opening them, I thought they were perfect for him. The items were a QI Wireless Charger, a Duo Link and The Lens Kit.

QI Wireless Charging Base 10W

This item is suitable for the iPhone 8/8 Plus/X and the Samsung S6/S7/S8/S9/Note 8 and costs around £35. My husband has an iPhone 8 Plus so we tested it on this model.

The charger was well packaged in a slick, simply designed box with a clear diagram on the front as to what the charger was designed to do. It came with instructions on how to get started and what the various lights on the device meant. My husband plugged it in immediately (without reading any instructions) to see if it did indeed work. He was very pleased to discover that it was very simple to use and looked smooth and beautifully designed with a high-quality look and feel. The charger was significantly lighter than I expected and charged his phone without any trouble using its 10W power.

This device comes with a 2-year guarantee which I think is a good length of time for a device of this nature.

Duo Link 32GB Flash Drive

The Duo Link is a gadget that you put into your iPhone or iPad (Micro USB/Android version also available) to download photos, videos, music or other similar items that take up storage on your phone/tablet and store them on. It is basically a USB stick that plugs into you iPhone or iPad to free up space on your device. It contains 32GB storage which is a significant amount of space for pictures or music. It comes in a box which again has a very simplistic picture of the item on the front which explains exactly what it does. When you place the item into your device, you then need to download an app through which you manage your downloads. You can download photos and then transfer the USB end into your PC to transfer the photos or use it through your PC as a charging device.

This multipurpose lead is very easy to use and invaluable if your phone has limited storage capabilities. This item is available on Amazon at £29.99. This seems a little expensive for a memory stick, but you must remember that this is far more than just a memory stick and has many other functions. Bearing this in mind and the quality of the product both in design and feel, I believe this to be a reasonable price. My husband agrees which really is a miracle!

The Lens Kit 4-in-1– Lenses for Smartphones

The third and final item I had to try was The Lens Kit 4-in-1. This comes with 4 different lenses – a macro, wide, super wide and fish eye. These attach to an adaptor which then clips to your smart phone camera. It doesn’t matter what model or make of phone you have, it will work on any smart phone.

These were great fun to play with and my children had hours of entertainment taking funny pictures using all the different lenses. They are easy to fit and change and come with a little travel pouch to keep them all safe when not in use.

My personal favourite was the fish eye as I liked the image that you had when using it and it made for something just a little bit different. It could not have been simpler to set up.

I found this item available from Amazon around the £30 mark. This is a little more than I would spend on my children for a gadget as I know it would get broken but for my husband it would be perfect as I know he would look after it and use it all the time. It makes a lovely present as it will work with any phone and therefore has longevity even if the person changes their mobile. A real treat for Christmas.

So, having had the opportunity to play with all 3 gadgets now and consider them as a Christmas gift idea for my husband, I believe that there are very nice items. You could buy just one as a gift or all three together would only be around the £100 mark which would be a very special gift for a special person and would provide hours of practicality and fun. PNY is a very respected brand and you know that you are getting high quality items at reasonable prices. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending all the items and am very glad that I have been given this opportunity to test them out on my husband!

Rating: 4/5

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