Clare Teal Hey Ho Review


Clare Teal
Hey Ho

Reviewed by Brian Grehan 

Yorkshire jazz singer Clare Teal releases her new CD Hey Ho on MUD records. Her first studio CD for a few years features some classic songs that will appeal to most easy listening/jazz audiences mixed with a couple of original numbers.

It is refreshing in this day and age that someone with a real talent is out there making album after album and not opting to appear on TV karaoke competitions. It restores my faith in the music industry that people like Clare Teal, Tom Moriarty and Patrick Plunkett, people with real talent, can release original material and get it heard. They don't rely on devices to make them sing in tune because they have talent and they CAN sing in tune!

Although Hey Ho is not my usual listening fare I found the CD entertaining especially the cover of Snow Patrols "Chasing Cars". At times Clare's voice sounds velvety and its a long time since a vocal performance has had me entranced. I was also pleased to hear the track "Sally Gardens" based on a poem by WB Yeats a favourite Irish poet of mine.

This CD is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who likes jazz/easy listening and anyone who has a discerning ear for someone with real talent.

Rating: 4/5

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