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Cool Cardz
Design Studio

We were asked to review Cool Cardz and our 10 year old daughter jumped at the chance.

Cool Cardz is a tidy little kit that lets you create and laminate your own cards (business card size) without mess and no heat required to laminate.

In the box was a pink plastic box that looks like a little handbag with its handle. It has a roller embedded into it, an ink pad, 2 stamps and a drawer so you can store you cards. Also supplied were cards and laminating pouches, 2 pens, 4 sheets of stickers, a cardboard envelope and instructions. There is enough in the kit to make 20 cards.

Our daughter went and sat at the kitchen table with her cool new toy and started designing her cards, using the stampers, stickers and pens to create her designs. Once she had finished (she had made 2 cards) we had to show her how to use the roller to laminate the cards. Following the instructions supplied this was very easy to do. Our daughter is now very happy with the 2 cards and couldn’t wait to show her friends.

Overall, our daughter found this to be a fun and creative toy. She found it easy to use and we have had to buy a refill pack already. With a RRP of £14.99 we found it good value for money but we think they refill packs are a little bit on the expensive side at £6.99 (although that does include P&P) as she got through the 20 cards supplied very quickly. You may have to limit its use so you don’t spend a fortune on refills.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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