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Cult Furniture Quinn Desk Lamp Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

I have recently moved into a new home and have been pretty much starting from scratch when it comes to furniture and accessories. I like to think that by now (I am in my mid-thirties), I have developed a sense of identity and at least a modicum of taste where it comes to how I want to furnish and accessorise my home. The contents of my previous home had been pretty much cobbled together since my uni days, there was a lot that I had simply ‘made do’ with, and an awful lot that didn’t really match, or that I wasn’t keen on anymore. So this was an opportunity for a fresh start, and to make my home into a space full of things that I actually like!

I was, therefore, delighted when I was offered the opportunity to select a lamp from Cult Furniture’s website to review. For the first time I have my own study, so I decided to go for a desk lamp, and I have to say that selecting one item from their website wasn’t an easy task. There are some really unusual, statement pieces on there that were absolutely gorgeous. In the end, I opted for the Quinn Desk Lamp in copper. The lamp is also available in brass, but I really liked the warm, pinky tones of the copper version.

The lamp arrived, and it was really securely packed in a polystyrene box. I felt this was particularly important because of the brushed metal finish, if it wasn’t so well packed and padded, it may get dented or scratched in transit. The Quinn is a really good weight and feels like a substantial and good quality piece. I love the colour and the design is a lovely fusion of modern yet vintage. The lamp consists of a sturdy, circular copper base with an angled copper arm and a tubular copper head, where the bulb is fitted. The elbow joint between the arm and the head has a copper coloured adjuster on, so the light can be angled into place and then fixed. The black cable with an on/off switch is a decent length so I had no issues with it reaching the plug socket once I’d sited it.

The lamp looks fabulous, there is no doubting it. I have had multiple compliments from friends and family about it and have actually moved it into my lounge on the side table as it looks just as good as a table lamp, and I felt it was a shame to leave it out of sight in the study. I have to say though, that as a desk lamp it does provide a really well focused light, which is great to work in.

The lamp takes a standard ES27 bulb, although the standard and candle fit ones do poke out, spoiling the effect slightly! The ES27 golf ball bulb is perfect, and it is recommended that an LED bulb with a maximum of 60w is fitted to avoid tarnishing the copper. The bulb isn’t included, which I thought was a shame as I went through 2 or 3 different bulbs before I found one that fitted!

Whilst the lamp looks amazing quality, and the vast majority of it is made of copper, I do think that the mechanism on the neck of the lamp lets it down slightly. It is plasticky (although you can’t tell by looking at it), but it just feels slightly loose and difficult to lock in. having said that, this is a very minor point as once the correct angle is locked in, it doesn’t fall or droop at all.

I absolutely love this lamp. It isn’t cheap at £49, but it is a lovely item and I do think it is worth it. Cult Furniture’s website is full of lovely items, and you wouldn’t need many of them to add a bit of character to your home.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £49

For more information or to buy visit www.cultfurniture.com.

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