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Death in Paradise Murder Mystery Puzzle Review

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Reviewed by Kirsten Boyd

This review is a little late as I was determined to complete the jigsaw and solve the puzzle before I wrote the review! I love jigsaws but I often tire of them as there are only so many pictures you can do before boredom sets in. Not here! You have no idea what you are actually pricing together as there is no actual scene shown. There is a short story to read – based around the characters of the popular “Death in Paradise” TV series. I actually did watch his series and really enjoyed it but if you didn’t it isn’t a problem – you may never actually have realised there was a link! The story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and your task is to compete the cartoon-type picture for the clue with which you need to solve the puzzle.

The jigsaw was actually really hard – there are 1000 pieces so a decent size, but not at all unmanageable. The problem is that if there are several plain colours the pieces are all very similar and it’s too easy to get them all pieced together only to find they don’t all fit and have to try again! This happened to me several times but I loved the fact that it made the puzzle harder. As I mentioned there is no picture to work from so you are working blind outing like colours together etc. but I really enjoyed this aspect. Traditional puzzle it is not! I had to re-read the story when I finished but that didn’t take long. The puzzle itself was pretty easy to figure out in the end but there was a solution and a bit of further story provided in case you didn’t get it and/or wanted a bit more explanation. It’s written in mirror script so not easy to read by accident!

There are clearly a lot of small pieces in this puzzle and you will need somewhere to spread the pieces out, so if you don’t have a tabletop that is unlikely to be disturbed or a decent puzzle board this isn’t for you (unless you are a speedy puzzler and can do it all in a couple of hours!). But that is usual for a decent-sized jigsaw. It’s a little frustrating at times with no picture so not really for the traditionalists. But these are literally the only possible negatives. Personally I absolutely loved this jigsaw and will be asking for the others in the series for Christmas!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £17

Available to buy from Paul Lamond Games here.


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