Denhay Farms Bacon Review


Denhay Farms Traditional Bacon

Reviewed by David Savage

What can I say about Denhay Farms bacon? Well it absolutely without a doubt the best bacon I have ever tried and love it. It is available in smoked and unsmoked, back and streaky dry cured formats.

I tried my favourite bacon first, Unsmoked Back Bacon, and let’s just say the packet did not last long. I cooked it under the grill, the smell was gorgeous and my mouth was watering before it finished cooking. There wasn’t much shrinkage (as no water is added to the bacon) as with some other brands of bacon I have tried.

After cooking I decided to try it on its own just to get the taste of it. It tasted even better than it smelt. It wasn’t as greasy as other brands I have tried from the supermarket and was still pretty much the same size as from when I took it out of the packet. With the texture and lack of fat you can tell it apart from other brands and once you taste it you won’t want anything other than Denhay bacon again. After eating the 2 slices I had cooked, I couldn’t help myself and I had to cook more and have a bacon sandwich. I don’t use sauces so had the rich flavour of the bacon melting the butter and soaking into the bread and I had to stop myself from cooking the whole packet.

The next day I decided to try the Smoked Spoilt Pig Bacon. Not usually a lover of smoked bacon I was a little apprehensive as I usually find it too salty. I shouldn’t have worried, it had all the qualities of the unsmoked and tasted just as good. So while I was at if I tried the streaky bacon which had the same qualities and taste but was my least favourite as there isn’t a lot of a rasher. As I generally eat bacon sandwiches it is not something I would buy but would be great for using in cooking as the flavour is unquestionable.

Overall: they best tasting and best quality bacon I have ever eaten. If I can find in my local shops it will be the only bacon I will be buying. From the prices that I can see online it is not really any more expensive than other known brands but you can definitely taste the difference. Why not try it and taste the full flavour of this gorgeous bacon for yourself, you will not be disappointed no matter which variety you choose.

Rating: 5/5

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