Do Things Differently: How To Travel Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

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When we travel, we often get into the same comfort barriers as we do when we stay at home. We go to the same places, see the same people, eat the same things, and make the same memories. Although comfort can be nice, maybe it’s time that you broke away from it all?

Sometimes, doing things differently can be that little bit of excitement that you never knew you needed. If you want to experience travel with a bit of bite, you’re going to want to start to encourage yourself to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Start small, and then grow. You’ll soon wish you’d started earlier.

Take Baby Steps

When you’re doing something that is completely out of your comfort zone, you’re going to want to start off small and take a few baby steps first. Rather than book that big round the world trip, or backpack in a culture that is completely the opposite of what you’re used to, stay local. Book yourself a spur of the moment trip to somewhere relatively close to you and somewhat similar. It’s the impulsiveness that will be the exciting factor here, and get you hooked on travelling with bite.

Try New Things

Then, when you’re away, or when you’re next out to dinner or on a holiday, try something new. Put yourself out there and see how it feels. You might be pleasantly surprised by how nice ‘different’ feels. Plus, if you can start out by trying new things in a surrounding that you’re familiar with, it will make it all the easier to do it when you’re much further afield and without a comfort in sight.

Photo source: Pexels

Go Further Afield

Now, it’s time to take a leap. You’ve tested the water and so far, you like what you feel. But now, there are no more small steps left to take – just one giant leap. So jump. Book a flight to the US (but don’t forget your Esta application form first), book a cruise around the Caribbean, visit Africa and help out with conservation, or backpack around Asia. It might seem extreme, but unless you jump, you won’t know what the experience really feels like.

Enjoy New Experiences

As you’ve already started to branch out, it’s time to experience the extraordinary. Your flight, train journey, sea journey, or drive is booked, and now it’s time to get the experiences in that count. If you’re heading to an entirely new culture, you’re going to want to see, feel, and enjoy as much as you possibly can. You might even want to test your new found barriers by doing something wild like abseiling or jumping out of a plane!

Then, Settle

You’ve done it, you’ve pushed what you thought was your travel comfort zone to the max, and now, you can relax a little bit. You might even find that your new outlook on experience has taken you to new places, and new realms that you never felt possible. So much so, that you’re even thinking of coming back or jumping ship. If that’s the case, a holiday home might just be in order. Or, is that your comfort zone just coming back around?

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