Downshire Arms Reading Review

Reviewed by Veronika Royale

Last Sunday we had the great opportunity to enjoy a family dinner at the Downshire Arms in Bracknell. We hadn’t visited a Beefeater in such a long time for various reasons: we now have children and the last time we went, we felt that the menus got a bit lost as there was everything available.

This time we packed our 3 year old and his 17 week old twin sisters in the car and looked forward to a family surprise. We picked a time that was nether too busy nor too quiet and promptly arrived at 4.30pm on a Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was a quarter full and although it took staff a while to acknowledge us, we were seen to a lovely big table. Big enough for our son to no be wedged in and space for the girls’ car seats.

The menu showed a back to its roots variety – everything was how a Beefeater should be, flame grilled (well nearly everything – except for salads and desserts of course). Us adults enjoyed a 8oz burger and our son loved his sausages. When the food arrived it looked all posh as the chips had their own little container and napkins, but it was very tasty indeed and I simply loved the bottomless chips! I went for the ultimate chips, which means they were chunky and double fried. Yummy with a capital Y! In fact I should have not had that extra portion as I struggled with my dessert, but thanks to the lovely staff there was no rush and I could wait a bit until I had space again to enjoy my apple pie and custard plus ice cream – yes I am greedy 🙂

As we enjoyed our dinner the restaurant started filling up, a sign that food is good but also that it is locally known to be a family friendly restaurant. Children’s meals arrived first which we loved as the little one is ever so impatient – he hasn’t got that from me!

True to form once our meals arrived the girls kicked off and wanted cuddles. I was so amazed that Tina, our super waitress, offered to take the meal back and keep it warm until they were settled. That was unexpected and very thoughtful indeed. She also listened patiently to our son telling her all about his day, when I am sure there were other customers to be seen. They clearly hit it off together as Jacob received a balloon on our way out – you wanted to see his face! That was nearly better than ice cream with sprinkles!

Baby changing facilities can be found in the pub side of the restaurant as part of the disabled toilets. The key is under lock by bar staff but the toilets are spacious and very clean, and hopefully sound proof as little girls can make a lot of noise!

This has been a thoroughly enjoyable restaurant visit. An experience I would wholeheartedly recommend to other friends with children or without children. The food is delicious and good value for money, the staff caring, the ambience nice and I would definitely go back. With the Beefeater reward card, it might even be worth it.

I would easily give this a 5/5 and if your waitress is Tina, I would even consider a 6/5!

Rating: 5/5

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