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Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Survival Kit Review

Reviewed by Claire Lacovara

When the box arrived in the post I suddenly panicked… I had no stains that needed treatment! Luckily my 4 year old quickly contributed to my solution by having a nosebleed that night. All over her pillow, pjs and toys.

So I left them to one side in the morning and once back from the school run I tackled the stains.

I’m used to putting a well-known stain remover powder in with my washing. It works 70% of the time. Once it didn’t remove a blood stain, so I was keen to try this.

What you get:

A box with 3 bottles in. One for oils & fats, one for felt tip and biro and one for coffee, tea and fruit juice.

At first I thought there wasn’t one for blood, but after reading the label I realised that each bottle can be used on additional stains. So the one for Oils is also good for blood.

I’m used to adding stain remover to my machine’s powder dispenser.

With Dr Beckmann you treat the stain before the wash. To start with I felt this would be a hassle. With 2 young children I haven’t got the time (and let’s face it, the energy!) to be standing there treating stains.

It does say on the bottle though that most stains can be sorted in 3 minutes, with really stubborn ones taking up to 10.

No scrubbing is needed.

You simply lie the material and stain over a white cloth (I’m not entirely sure why it needs to be white) and squirt the treatment on till the stain is covered and wet.

You leave for 3 minutes. Come back, rub with a damp cloth and watch the stain disappear. Ta da!

Except mine was still there, so I added a bit more of the liquid and left for 10 more minutes.

It does state that if you’re not satisfied you are guaranteed your money back – a bold claim considering there is such a variety of stains and causes!

So, did it work? Yes! The stain completely vanished and the pillowcase looked as good as new… bar the need of a good iron!

I was impressed. Clear instructions, easy to use and great results. As a buyer I would be reassured by the money back guarantee too.

The stains I really have trouble shifting are the oily tomato ones from a pasta sauce. Many a good top has been ruined with these.

So I shall forever keep a stock of Dr Beckmann’s stain remover trio in my utility room. Ready to tackle the results of messy eaters.

Here are the before, during and after photos of the treatment.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £3.99

Available to buy from Dr Beckmann here.

Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils Survival Kit removes over 40 tough stains such as;
Ballpoint ink, beer, brandy, caramel, crayon, deodorant, felt tip, highlighter, ink, iodine, lager, liquor, nicotine, pencil, spirits, tobacco, blood, buttermilk, cooking oil, cream, egg, fat, ice cream, lotion, mayonnaise, milk, semen, soft cheese, soot, soya, startch, sun cream, yoghurt, baby food, beetroot, blackcurrant, carrot, coffee, mildew, orange juice, perfume, raspberry, red wine, strawberry, sweat, tea, urine and vinegar.


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