Eat Drink and be Slim by Polly Hale Review

Reviewed by Debbie Douglas

I recently received East, Drink & be Slim by Polly Hale for review and I very nearly gave up on this book whilst reading the introduction.

The author is slim, has always been slim and will probably always be slim. I decided her opinions would be valueless to someone like me who has struggled with her weight all her life. However I kept reading and I am glad I did. I think, like a lot of overweight people, I kid myself I am not fat, that I don’t eat too much and everything is fine. Then I get to a certain size decide everything is not ok, binge diet, get fed up and start again. Eat, Drink & be Slim is a refreshing honest insight into why I am overweight and I am overweight not cuddly or big boned just plain old fashioned overweight. There is no fancy magic formula just practical down to earth advice which I am finding easy to incorporate into my everyday family life.

I love the advice that you shouldn’t deny yourself anything. Everything is allowed in moderation. I still have a long way to go to get to my weight loss goal but I am hopeful with the advice contained in Eat, Drink & be Slim I have made the first step on my journey with some sound, safe advice beside me.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.75 (paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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