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Eds Easy DinerEd’s Easy Diner
Monks Cross, York


Reviewed by Tracey Flintham

Ed’s Easy Diner at York Vangarde Retail Park is easy to find and there is plenty of free parking outside the restaurant. The restaurant is a 1950’s style diner and looks very authentic with lots of booth style seating and open cooking areas. It’s quite quirky and bright.

We were promptly greeted by a very polite waiter, Richard who asked us where we wanted to be seated so we chose a booth seat, which had its own little jukebox. We were handed our menus and Richard asked if we had eaten at an Ed’s Easy Diner before and when we said we hadn’t, he went through the menu with us pointing out the different options and if having a burger whether to have it on its own or as an ‘Ed’s plate’. He also recommended we should try the milkshakes. The booth areas were of a good size as our 2 year old was able to sit in there and still reach the table without the need for a highchair which is good when eating out with family.

The restaurant was clean and tidy and there was 1950’s music playing in the background which added to the feel of the place, a classic American diner. The condiments on the table were all full and clean. The music playing was at a good volume level, so you could still talk comfortably and not particularly hear other people in the restaurant. The jukeboxes on the booth tables allowed you to select your own songs to be played for 20p with all money being donated to charity.

We looked through the menus and the waiter came to take our order after checking we were ready to order. There was a good selection of starters and we decided to order the chicken wings and the chicken dippers. There was a wide variety of dishes on the main menu, from burgers to chickens, ribs or steaks, so plenty of choice to accommodate a variety of different tastes. For my main meal I selected the BBQ ribs and chicken and my husband chose the all-day breakfast burger. Our toddler, Erin, had her own junior menu and chose the chicken tenders. We both decided to have a milkshake, a chocolate one for me and a coffee flavoured one for my husband.

The starters arrived after approximately 15 minutes and they were very good sized portions with 2 dips each. The chicken dippers were nicely cooked and still moist. The chicken wings were also well cooked and the dips complimented them very well.

After clearing the starters away, the main meals arrived within a few minutes. First impressions were that the portion sizes were very good, lots of chips, plenty of coleslaw and we were offered extra sauces to go with them. The BBQ ribs and chicken which I had were lovely, the meat came away from the ribs very easily as they should do and the chicken was perfectly cooked as it should be, it wasn’t burnt or overcooked. My husband’s all-day breakfast burger was absolutely massive with more than enough for any appetite and posed a bit of a dilemma on how to start eating it! The burger was cooked well, it wasn’t dry at all and on the whole it was very good, although the bacon was slightly salty.

Erin’s chicken tenders were served on a child proof red plastic plate, which is always good when eating with small children and was a good sized portion. Again the chicken tenders were cooked to perfection and she ate the lot!

Although we were quite satisfied after having our main meals, we thought it would be rude not to try something off the dessert menu, so I picked the brownie points and my husband chose the maple pancake stack. Again the desserts arrived promptly and once again the portion sizes were just brilliant. 3 pancakes on the maple pancake stack and 2 large slices of chocolate brownie. The brownies were quite rich but I ran out of room and sadly couldn’t finish them, but they were quite delicious. The pancakes were good although maybe a little dry.

The milkshakes were amazing. Probably the best milkshakes I’ve had in the UK. Although they seemed a little pricey at £4.25 at first, there was enough for 3-4 glasses per serving so they could easily be shared between 2 people and work out to be quite reasonable. The milkshakes are served in a small metal jug which you use to top up your own glass. Surprisingly the metal jug actually kept the milkshake cool and even towards the end of my meal it was still cold once poured from the jug.

I don’t think you’d ever really need to have a 3 course dinner at Ed’s easy diner as the portion sizes are really good and we only had a dessert because to try it for review purposes, not because we were still hungry.

Overall we had an excellent meal, we all enjoyed our food. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere and it felt like there was no pressure for us to rush off after our meal either. The staff were all pleasant and polite. I think it is a good place to go with young children and they give them paper chef hats and crayons with the junior menu to keep the children entertained. I would like to visit Ed’s Easy Diner again with my older child as I know she will love the atmosphere there.

Rating: 4.5/5

For more information visit www.edseasydiner.com/location/york_monkcross.php

Ed’s Easy Diner, Kiosk 1 & 2 Vangarde Retail Park, Monks Cross, YO32 9AE | 01904 639480

4 half Star

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