Elizabeth Parker 5 Circle Brushed Gunmetal Round Cufflinks Review

5CircleCufflinks5 Circle Brushed Gunmetal
Round Cufflinks

Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

A pair of fashionable cufflinks, whilst being the perfect way to secure the French button cuffs of a formal shirt, offers the wearer a discrete platform to express their own personality and style. This pair, by jeweler Elizabeth Parker, oozes such style, sophistication and originality.

The faces of these round cufflinks are decorated with five highly polished metal circles embedded into a background of brushed grey gunmetal. The swivel bar clasps are easily fastened single handed, which is often something of a challenge with cufflinks, but rigid enough to ensure they will not become loose after wear. When fitted, the links hold your shirt cuffs together firmly and securely, with the feel, weight and gravitas, quite fitting of a quality jewelry item. These cufflinks are ideal for formal wear whilst not being too ostentatious for everyday use.

The presentation box (which easily passes the satisfactory ‘click’ test), matches the overall high standard, quality and sophistication of the links themselves. At £40 this item offers excellent value for money.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £40

Available to buy from Elizabeth Parker here.


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