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Esdevium Games Loony Quest Review

Reviewed by Tricia Shaw

When we got this game the children couldn’t wait to play it and now they keep asking to play it again and again. Set in the world of Arkadia, where King Fedoor has no heir, players must take part in a grand tournament to win the throne by travelling through 6 worlds with 6 missions each before attempting the challenges of the final world where there are 4 levels and 2 special stages.

The aim of the game is to win as many points as possible by correctly drawing the path as depicted on the card in the centre. Each person has an erasable marker pen and a transparent sheet on which to draw the route. On each level you need to complete certain tasks whilst avoiding different obstacles and all this in just 30 seconds. When the timer has emptied, scoring commences by placing your sheet over the board and summing the points won and lost.

The sturdy box, decorated with brightly coloured cartoon style characters which feature in the different worlds, is an integral part of the game as it is used for the game board and also for scoring.

This game is aimed at adults and children aged 8+ and can be played by 2-5 people. The basic game is quick and simple and we had great fun playing it as a family even though the youngest has only just turned 7. It took a while to read through the instructions booklet and work out what all the different bonus and penalty tokens represent so when we first played we didn’t worry about using them. Once you get to grips with what each one represents they add a very challenging and entertaining element to the different rounds. Having to draw without bending their elbow, balancing a token on the end of their pen whilst they draw or even drawing with their other hand; there are plenty of ways to make it tricky for your opponents.

I would recommend this game if you are looking for a short, entertaining, family game.


My Tips:

· When you first get the game make sure you remove the plastic covering from both sides of the transparent screens.

· Remember to wipe the screens clean after each game to avoid staining.

· Follow the worlds in order – they get harder as you go along.

· Keep the rules book handy whilst you learn how to play.

· Watch this YouTube video to see how to play

Rating: 4/5

Suitable age: 8 years +

Players: 2-5

RRP: £19.99

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4 Star

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