Esdevium Games Pictopia Disney Edition Review


Reviewed by Dorothy White

We love board games in our family and love Disney so my granddaughters and I were delighted when we received the Pictopia Disney Edition board game from Esdevium Games.

Pictopia is a picture-trivia game that the whole family can enjoy. It is suitable for age 7 years + and for 2 to 6 players.

On opening the box we found:

200 question cards
6 scoring dials
30 wager coins
1 game board
6 movers
1 die


Setting up is very easy. We placed the board on the table, each chose a mover piece and matching colour scoring dial and matching colour wager coins (there are five coins per colour and numbered 1 to 5).Mover pieces are placed at the top of the board on the Mickey Mouse start space. The question cards are placed next to the board with the picture side face up.

To play the person with the next upcoming birthday goes first and is the host (question master) for that turn. The host then rolls the die and moves their mover that number of spaces on the board. Each space on the board has a symbol that represents a question on the card. The host picks up a card and shows the pictures to the other players who then have to place on of their wager coins in the space provided at the bottom of the board, the higher the number the move confident you are of answering the question. The wager coins represent the number of spaces that player will move if they answer the question correctly.

There are five questions on each card and depending on what symbol is landed on represents the question asked; group or individual question. If landed on a group question symbol all players (except host) have to work together and answer between 1 and 3 questions correctly. If landed on an individual symbol the other players answer independently by moving the dial on their scoring dial to show the correct answer.

If a group question is answered correctly then all player except host move their pieces by the number on their wager coin. If an individual question is answered correctly then that player moves their mover that number of spaces. If questions are answered incorrectly then the group or individual stays where they are. The played wager coins are put to one side until a player runs out and then they are given back to all players.

Once the question has been asked and answered and pieces moved, going clockwise the next person becomes host and the game continues. When a player (or group of players) reaches the castle space at the bottom of the board you have to perform the Final Challenge to win! A player who is not on the castle space asks the Solo Pick 1 question from the cards and the player(s) on the castle space use their dials to answer the question. Any player that has answered the question correctly is the winner, and there can be more than one winner! If the question is not answered correctly the players move their movers to the space as directed by the arrow on the board and the game continues as normal with all players.

We had great fun and quality family time playing this game. It took several games for everyone to completely grasp all the rules but was excellent fun and also encourages strategic thinking.

We are going to Disneyland Paris soon and are going to take this game with us.

Rating: 5/5

Suitable age: 7 years +

Players: 2-6

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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