Eureka Flying Bird Review


Eureka Flying Bird

Reviewed by Colin Rogers

This came in a brightly coloured packaging with a clear top, so that you could clearly see the item inside.

There were clearly labelled instructions on how to work the bird on the packaging.

I had a similar bird when I was younger so couldn't wait to try this out with my own children.

Once we opened the pack the kids couldn't wait to have a play, it was quite difficult for them to operate, as you had to twist a little handle near the birds tail at least 30 times and the more you twisted it the tighter and harder it got to twist, and then you had to press a button and off the bird went.

So I set about winding the bird up and the kids got really excited wondering what was going to happen next. I held the bird in my hand and waited for the right type of wind to help carry the bird and then off it went. It flew great and really resembled a real bird in flight. When it finished I thought it might have come landed nicely but it didn't, it hit the floor with a thud, which resulted in one of the wings ripping, it did fix quite easily and flown again but it did happen every time it landed.

Overall a nice little toy and a lovely thing to use to spend quality time with the kids. A little disappointed in the landed and not how I remember it as a child, but my children were mesmerised by it.

Rating: 3/5

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