Everdine Gourmet Meals Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

As soon as I saw the advert for Everdine, “Clean eating made simple”, I just couldn’t wait to try it.

As someone who enjoys cooking and eating nutritious food from scratch but doesn’t always have time, frozen meals on standby are invaluable to me. I tend to batch cook and freeze when I can but I am busy. Unfortunately, the sort of frozen meals normally available to buy aren’t very satisfying in terms of nutrition or taste.

Everdine is different. Boxes of 8 or 12 clean (classic or vegetarian options), wholesome and delicious meals cooked by chefs (who have trained at Michelin-starred restaurants), frozen, and delivered. There are plenty of vegetarian options too. Sustainably sourced, preservative free and with the majority of packaging easily recyclable.

When my eagerly awaited box of food arrived I really didn’t know what to expect. A large cardboard box opens to reveal the menu card and welcome pack, next a thick layer of wool insulation, frozen gel packs, and then the food. Not even a hint of defrosting, I was suitably impressed. After moving my meals to the freezer and enjoying a few minutes of delight at the realization that I don’t need to go shopping today, or think about dinner, I suddenly had some time to spare! So, I’ve used the wool in insulating my children’s playhouse and the cardboard box became a boat, a hutch and a mountain before I secretly deposited it in the recycling bin.

At last it was dinner time! Slow cooked beef and beetroot bourguignon, tasty, filling, and good for you. Cooking takes around ten minutes, some dishes are best heated in the microwave, others are a combination of microwave followed by oven but that’s all that’s involved. So much quicker than cooking it yourself.

The food is delicious. I particularly enjoyed the vegetarian dishes, a far cry from the usual boring veggie fare, my favourite was the rainbow vegetable pad Thai, beautifully colourful, wonderfully varied in texture and the perfect portion size. I could happily eat this dish every week.

All the meals are healthy and well balanced, overall there’s a good variety of flavours and cuisine and they taste fresh. This makes them interesting, enjoyable and good for you. If you have a food allergy then you will need to check the ingredients of each meal.

The Everdine website www.everdine.co.uk is easy to navigate, and the menu choices for the next week are displayed for you to select from. Meals are delivered on a weekly or monthly basis to suit your needs. You can cancel or suspend your deliveries at any time and the meals work out at £6.40 to £6.90 per single meal and delivery is free.

Rating: 5/5

For more information or to start ordering your meals today visit www.everdine.co.uk.

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