Fum by Karl Newson & Lucy Fleming Review


Reviewed by David Savage

We are always delighted when we receive a new children’s book for review from Maverick Children’s Books, so when Fum arrived we couldn’t wait to start reading. When bedtime arrived, I sat with the twins (4 years old) and started to read this new book.

Fum is the tale of a missing child. Fum is the smallest of a large family of 7 giants, the Crumbs. The Crumb family is made up of Pa, Ma, Grandpa Plum, Fee, Fi, Fo and of course, Fum. The rest of the Crumb family set of to look for Fum asking characters from other well-known fairy tales if they have seen their smallest offspring.

Fum is a fun rhyming story that children will have fun with the lyrical content and trying to see if they can find Fum on the pages.

The book rhythms all the way through and is well-written by Karl Newson. Lucy Fleming has done an excellent job of illustrating the story that clearly shows what is happening in the story allowing non-readers to join in with the story-telling, in a bright and colourful way.

Fum is an excellent fun story that is interactive and makes great bedtime reading. The twins loved it they look at it quite regularly and at least once a week one of them wants it for their bedtime story. At 32 pages long it is the perfect length for bedtime reading.

Children and adults will love reading Fum.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99 (paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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