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RoboSlimeFactory1Robo Slime Factory

Reviewed by Katy Nettleton

Where do I start… a good value science experiment that helps children learn and play as well as explore their senses. It will help with their learning at school but also have fun as a family at home (or on their own but letting two 5 year olds loose with slime isn’t a good idea in our house!).

The box itself lends itself creates excitement – the colours and the way in which the pots and potions (and instructions) are easily seen means little hands can’t wait to get in and explore!


The instructions booklet itself is easy to read and follow (I would expect children who are confident reading all books would be able to follow them with ease). The pictures are simple and work alongside the written instructions (I am not sure you would get the correct result if you just followed the pictures though!) and made it quickly to set up – which is a godsend with 2 eager children asking “what happens next?” “What can I do?”, “where does this go?”.,. And so on.

Once you start the experiments these are relatively simple, which are perfect for 5 year olds but I presume if you had older children then it may be a little less exciting. The monsters you create are brilliant, and can in themselves make further experiments. My girl’s favourite was the one where the instructions relate the gelatine to sweets – so we stored the monster next to a sweet to see which would harden the first – although I am not sure on the results as my 2 year old boy found the sweet first! That’s the thing I loved about this… it’s not just slime but other experiments too (8 in total plus extras they say to try at home).


I found that by reading the “science” behind the experiments in the instructions book it brought back my science lessons in school (sadly a fair few years since!) and meant I could use my limited knowledge to talk more about particles etc… Now the girls would like a microscope for Christmas so that they can look at atoms and molecules apparently!

I think this set is perfect for any little girl or boy who are starting to question about what’s around them, and how things work. It would also be good for those who have had more experience of science in schools and want to share the experiences with their family at home.


I personally found this to be brilliant, and a perfect way to have “quality family time” without the need for a TV. Our 2 year old boy also enjoyed feeling the slime and gooey aliens and monsters we made and seeing how things changed (obviously this is not designed for the younger age) but this does show how we can all learn together no matter of age. My little boy enjoyed the bouncing putty best! With the girls favourite being the glow in the dark monster (with googly eyes) and the colour changing putty!

This will now be my go-to-gift for little boys and girls…

Overall I will give this 5 out of 5 and on the lookout for other experiments by Galt…

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £10.99

Available to buy from Galt Toys here.


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