Giving your kids some school holiday stimulation

It’s always the same; the year flies by quicker than we can blink and all sorts of school holidays are around the corner already. As Easter knocks on your door, and then summer approaches rapidly after, it can be oh so easy to keep your child occupied by sitting them down in front of a TV/computer/Xbox. But this is a dangerous path, one that can easily produce unhealthy and under-stimulated tech zombies.

Never fear, there are many things you can do to get your young one active and happy. We take a look at some of the things you can do to keep them busy and entertained during what should be the most memorable times of their schooling lives.

Days out

There are days out all over the UK that needn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Why not organise a theme park trip with relatives or friends and their own kids? You could visit the zoo, go to a country fair, have an outing to some castles or even hit the beach. Just a little scour of the internet should find you heaps of transport deals and 2-4-1 vouchers for fun activities that’ll get you all out of the house.

Youth clubs

Whether your children go to a single-sex high schools for girls (or boys), a mixed community school or are even homeschooled, interaction with other kids is something that is always good for them and will prepare them for the world they face as they grow up. There are usually youth centres and holiday clubs in your area, or at least nearby, which organise activities for kids such as sports and days out. These can be day clubs or overnight camps that run over a number of weeks. They keep your young ones active and give them a chance to meet other diverse personalities of their age, and outside of their usual school social circle.


The holidays are usually a fantastic time to indulge your children’s hobbies. Whatever they love doing be it art, drama, sports or science, there’s usually a club or a class for it somewhere. Alternatively, find the materials for them to do it at home. A little telescope for your science fanatic or a football for a fan of the great game, maybe they’d like to help you with the gardening. This is the stuff that can keep them entertained for hours, and build their skills and enthusiasm.

Let them loose

Kids have great imaginations. Often when you leave them with nothing to do, they’ll be able to come up with all sorts of great ideas by themselves and what a fantastic way to get them to figure things out on their own. Let them play in the house or the garden, or even in the local park (supervised of course depending on their age). Now we’re not saying this is a solution for all day, every day, but mollycoddling and creating plans for their every moment isn’t either. Their moments of playing detective in the garden, or mermaids in the paddling pool, can often turn into some of the most magical memories of their lives.


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