Godfreys Premium Butchers Butchery Class Review

Reviewed by Sabrina Fancy

It was with some trepidation that I went to review Godfreys, a premium butcher, and attend a butchery class. Upon walking in, I was struck by how lovely and well-presented everything is. My mouth watered as I looked at the vast array of fresh meats and sauces that they provide. Everything looked so fresh and lovely and I found out that the animals are bought on Mondays and sold by Saturday of that same week. Unsurprising, as Godfreys has won numerous awards including ‘London’s best butchers,’ which based on my observations is well deserved.

A family run business and a member of The Q Guild of butchers, Godfreys has been in existence since 1905. All meat sourced by Godfreys, can be traced back to the farm of origin, all that have the highest standards of animal welfare. It was explained to me by Chris Godfrey that this ensures the healthiest, natural and stress-free environments which are conductive to providing the best premium meats and poultry that Godfrey provides.

As we were taken into the back for our butchery class, I was struck by how incredibly immaculate everything was! As a clean freak, this was a great start to the class! Many restauranteurs and professional chefs attend this class, but it also caters to novices like myself who are interested in learning more about meat and animal welfare.

It was very hands on and we got to ‘saw’ a pig, which is a lot harder than it looked – it was like a full body workout.

We also prepared Godfreys award-winning sausages, which I can confirm are delicious!

During the 2-hour course, we were taught how to identify the best cuts of meat for flavour and for cooking. I was delighted to learn that the most expensive cuts of meat are not always the best. In fact, I have never even seen these cuts in a supermarket! We were provided with many invaluable cooking tips which would allow us to prepare the meat ourselves, along with learning a basic range of butchery and knife skills. We were allowed to keep the new boning knife (imported from Germany) to continue our cooking preparations at home. With my new-found confidence, inspired by Chris and James Godfrey, I will be doing just that.

After the course, it was time to eat! We were treated to some of the most delicious melt in your mouth beef I have ever had with some beautiful horse radish. The sausages that we prepared and some gorgeous wine! The food was absolutely delicious, and I have since found out that Godfrey caters as well.

I cannot stress how delicious the food was and the difference in taste compared to supermarket pre-packaged meat.

To top that off we were given an obscene amount of meat to take home including the sausages (made by our fair hands) to take home and prepare, chicken wings and 2 chicken Kiev’s which were beautifully stuffed and seasoned. I honestly can say that my family will be fed for at least a week with the generous portions they allowed us to take home with us!

I cannot recommend this course enough. It is very reasonably priced and for the knowledge you gain, the exquisite meal and the portions you get to take home make it an absolute steal!

So, will I be gutting pigs in my garden or rearing my own chickens? Unlikely. However, Godfreys has really opened my eyes to what quality meat is and the time and care it takes to prepare. I wish we saw more places like this instead of the sad looking meats we are used to at the supermarkets. I know where I will be buying my meats from in the future.

Highly recommended.

The butchery class is held on the last Thursday of every month from 6:30pm-8:30pm. More information can be found here.

Rating: 5/5

Godfreys Butchery School Lesson cost £125 per person. Godfreys also accept online orders. For more information visit

Godfreys Premium Master Butchers, 7 Highbury Park, Islington, London, N5 1QJ

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