Goodfellas Stonebaked Thin Chicken Pizza Review


GoodfellasThinChickenGoodfella’s Stonebaked Thin
Chicken Pizza

Reviewed by Hayley Ludlam

Stonebaked thin chicken with an Italian style dressing (topped with our unique signature sauce) Priced £2.50. The packaging of this pizza was quite attractive and eye catching. It has all the essential nutritional information on the front of it. And more detailed information on the back. On the back of the box it also tells you how the pizzas are made.

It was also easy to open. Although you have to turn the pizza upside down to get through the cellophane, so have to be careful when turning it back over before removing it. This pizza looks like an authentic Italian style one. There are clear easy to follow instructions on the back. Although I decreased the cooking time to about 12 minutes. I feel if I had left it in for the whole 15 it would have been too overdone for my liking. There was just enough chicken on the pizza. The dough was light and crispy. The Italian style dressing was nice although I feel it could have done with just a little bit more. It had just the right amount of tomato base and cheese on the top. I would definitely eat this pizza again. There is enough pizza for one hungry adult! Maybe you could eat it as a couple if you had something with it. You could eat this pizza as a quick snack or as part of a bigger meal. I feel it is more a pizza for adults rather than children.

I feel that this pizza I good value for money and I would buy it again. I would recommend.

Overall, I would give this pizza a rating of 4 out 5. Mainly because of getting in the cellophane. And also because if you were really hungry you would need to have something else with it.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from all good supermarkets.

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4 Star

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