GOSH Nail Glitter Review


GOSH Nail Glitter

Reviewed by Shelly Harper

The Packaging:
Gosh nail glitter comes in a black and coloured box. The coloured part of the box is to show the glitters colour but there is also a window in the front of the box so you can actually see the glitter in the 4ml glass pot. On the reverse of the box are the instructions for use and a few little warnings. As with other GOSH products, the brand is clearly distinguishable by the GOSH logo being clearly printed on the front of the box.

The Product:
GOSH nail glitter comes in several shades and retails for a very reasonable £3.99 in Superdrug which is a great price as I can see this product lasting a while.  GOSH advise that you apply a clear nail varnish then dip each nail into the pot before brushing off excess glitter but I personally found application easier by painting my nails and sprinkling a small amount of glitter over the varnish and removing the excess from the edge of my nails with a cotton bud. Doing this on a white piece of paper with a good light is strongly suggested then any excess glitter can simply be poured back into the pot.

Applying the nail glitter was very simple, quick and my nails looked stunning when they caught the light but I strongly suggest making sure you have a fair amount of time for it to dry on the nail or coating the top with another layer of clear nail varnish otherwise it can easily smudge and your clothes also end up sparkly.

I loved GOSH nail glitter and would definitely recommend it to others because not only is the price a bargain, it was very easy to use and made my nails look beautiful. Perfect for a glitzy night out!!!

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