Great Gizmos Mould and Paint Christmas Review


Mould & Paint Christmas
Great Gizmos

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

My stepdaughter, 10, was super excited when I received this product as she loves arts and crafts. The box was bright, cheery and festive with colourful pictures of the product. The box was very informative and easy to read. The box contained everything we needed to make plaster fridge magnets and ornaments.

Inside the box was a mould with 6 designs (stocking, bells, Father Christmas, Christmas tree, a snowman and a very cute reindeer), 2 sachets of plaster powder, a magnetic strip, silver string, a paint brush, 6 paint pots and the instructions. We followed the instructions carefully and decided to make 3 ornaments and 3 magnets. We used the string so we could hang the ornaments on the tree and the magnet strip for the magnets. Unfortunately the magnets did not stick onto the ornaments so we were a little disappointed. Adult supervision is definitely required as you need to measure the water to make the plaster powder. My stepdaughter thoroughly enjoyed making the plaster and pouring it into the moulds. We left the plaster to set and popped them out of the mould with ease. My stepdaughter painted them beautifully and liked that the instructions showed her which colours to mix to create a new colour for example red and blue when mixed made purple. The end result was fantastic and the ornaments now have pride of place on our tree. The ornaments which were going to be magnets are now on our window sill.

A wonderful activity for children and adults too. My rating is 4/5 as the magnets wouldn't stick.

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