Green Tulip Ethical Living Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes Review


Reviewed by Lynn Miles

I received the Green Tulip Ethical Living Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes from Not on the High Street. The packaging was OK for the size of the item and it was protected within the outer packaging by a further cardboard package so the item arrived in excellent condition.

The lunch box itself was a beautiful shiny stainless steel – a shame to handle it and cover it in fingerprints – however I did do! It is a nice shape and size, although I would probably have preferred it to be slightly larger, but that is just personal preference. It was well made and of very good quality. Sturdy fasteners at either end of the box which clipped securely over the ends of the lid to keep it in place. Whether or not these would weaken with frequent use not possible to tell. The smaller container within the main lunch box was of the same quality. The leaflet that came with the lunchbox highlighted the fact that as there was no plastic seal around the lids of the two containers they may not be suitable for very wet foods as there might be some leakage of liquid.

I used the larger of the two containers to take my salad to work for lunch. I was quite impressed that by lunchtime and having been in my car all morning the lunch box was cold and therefore my salad was nice and fresh as though just made.

The product also fared well in the dishwasher and came out in pristine condition.

Pricewise it is more than I would normally pay for a lunchbox, however, it will probably last longer than any of my others. I would recommend this product to others and having looked on the company website there are also other products which I will try at some point in the future.

The lunch boxes are available in 3 styles: Two Tier Rectangle with Mini Container, Oval with Mini Container and Two Tier Round Lunch Box.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15 to £25 (depending on size and shape).

Available to buy from Not on the High Street here.


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