GumiGem Teething Necklace Review


Teething Necklace

Reviewed by Shelley East

I was absolutely delighted to receive this product and with perfect timing as my 14 month old daughter has been chewing my fingers for weeks trying to get relief from the 6 teeth all coming through at once.
The teething necklace provides a source of amusement for her little hands (I think she is amazed that she is allowed to play with this necklace as my gold ones have always been a no no, for obvious reasons). She loves putting the gem (100% silicone) into her mouth and biting down hard. The gumigem can be sterilised or put in the dishwasher by easily removing the cord.
They come in all  different styles and colours. The one I received was pink, gold and white swirls. It was really pretty. Just looks like normal jewellery.
I absolutely love the concept and idea of the teething necklace. Completely non toxic and baby safe silicone.
I believe Denise Van Outen was seen wearing one last week. A product that even celebrity mums love and one that every day mums on a budget can easily afford with  no celebrity price tag.
A fantastic gift for a christmas present or perhaps an unusual gift for a baby shower or new arrival within the family.
My daughter has used the gumigem for the last  week and above everything It provides relief and distraction from teething pain. I'm very impressed.

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