Gun at the Preston Guild Hall Review

1 November 2018

Reviewed by Jan Mellor

When I arrived at Preston Guild Hall I was surprised to see that along with the headliner band, Gun, that there were two support acts – this was a bonus especially as the bands Austin Gold and the Kris Barras Band were talented rock musicians to boot! I really enjoyed the first band Austin Gold with their Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) sound/vibes and their great singer (the not very rock sounding David Smith – known in the rock circles as David-James-Smith). The band were from Peterborough and were due to release their second album and to continue supporting other bands such as King King (blues). I feel this bad will be pretty big – pretty soon! The second band Kris Barras Band was fronted by Kris himself (I presumed) and with a more American feel to their songs, had a great bass line and acoustics – very foot tapping and again a band that I am sure will become bigger very soon.

When the main act, Gun, came on the small theatre erupted and although this wasn’t a ‘packed house’ the room was ‘on fire’. Gun’s lead singer Dante Gizzi led the group of his brother the guitarist Jools, guitarist Andy Carr and drummer Paul McManus and the very impressive guitarist Tommy Gentry (who had amazing talent and hypnotic charisma), triumphantly performing one after another of great songs both new from the latest CD ‘Favourite Pleasures’ (I loved Take Me Down’ and ‘Black Heart’) and from old favourites such as ‘Word-up’, ‘Better Days’ and ‘Inside/Outside love’. The band were energetic, powerful and oozed talent from every pore. I have seen Gun play may times but they just seem to get better with age. The band played for one and a half hours and thrilled us all by playing all hits and delivering a 2 song encore that included ‘Shame on you’ and ‘Right to Party’.

If you haven’t seen Gun, then you have missed out and should go to see them at your first opportunity. They are celebrating 30 years since their first recording but as they have matured, they have retained their natural ability to excite and impress all audiences. As the band are all from Glasgow, I was informed by Baz Moore the merchandise man (and another Glaswegian) that seeing the band in their native Glasgow was a treat not to be missed – one for my ‘bucket list’ I think for 2019! The merchandise included Gun’s new album Favourite Pleasures in both CD and tape format(!), lighters and t-shirts. CD’s and T-shirts were also available for both Austin Gold and the Kris Barras Band.

It was a great night of fabulous music and extraordinary talent. I’ve bought Gun’s CD as couldn’t get enough of the ‘Gun’ spirit (as did a lot of the audience). If you haven’t seen Gun – see them soon – if you have seen them – see them again they get better all the time!

A superb performance as always. A great band to see live!

Rating: 5/5

Gun are currently on tour around the UK, for more information and tour dates visit gunofficial.co.uk.

For other shows at the Preston Guild Hall visit www.prestonguildhall.co.uk.

The Guild Hall & Charter Theatre, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 1HT | 01772 804444

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