Guylian Belgian Praline Hearts Chocolate Review


Reviewed by Sian Manning

I love chocolate (are there many people that don’t?) so getting to review some chocolate is pretty much a dream come true, especially something as special as the wonderfully delicious Belgian chocolate from Guylian.

I’m sure most people will recognise the iconic Guylian Seashells and will immediately be able to tell you what they taste like. But did you also know you can get the same wonderful taste of hazelnut praline in a cute little heart chocolate, perfect for a gift for valentines?

Guylian was actually made by two  people in their own little love story, Guy and Liliane, they combined his amazing recipe and her beautiful seashell design to make the chocolates that we all love, not forgetting that the name that is a beautiful combination of theirs.

These heart shaped delights come in either a small box of 4 for a RRP of £1 or a larger box for £4, they come packaged in a lovely red box and would make the perfect extra little gift with a bunch of flowers and a card for a special someone. They are the same distinctive taste of the Belgian seashells and are just as beautiful with their marbled milk and white chocolate tops.

For anyone that hasn’t ever tasted the amazing chocolate that Guylian has to offer I would say that if you are a chocolate lover it is well worth going out to buy some as you are in for a treat, they have a wide range of different chocolates to suit all tastes, white, dark and milk, nutty, creamy, coffee, caramels and more, all encased in smooth Belgian chocolate.

These are the perfect little gift for Mother’s Day, as a special gift for Valentine’s Day, a little birthday treat or an after dinner indulgence.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £1

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