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Haberman Suckle Feeder Review

HabermanSuckleFeederHaberman Suckle Feeder

Reviewed by Elena Price

When I got the opportunity to review the Haberman Suckle Feeder I was very excited to see whether my baby would take a bottle of breast milk from me! After 10 weeks of breastfeeding and recently trying various other brands of bottles I had given up hope of him ever taking one.

When the box arrived containing the feeder I found very stylish, modern packaging. The box had interesting information on it about how the suckle feeder works and how it is similar to breastfeeding. Images on the box explained how the feeder promotes sucking and that the teat doesn’t allow milk to flow without the baby drawing it out. This is a big positive for me, as I don’t want my baby to become confused about the bottle and prefer it over feeding from me, as many other bottles are much easier for baby to get milk from. On the front of the packaging it shows how the valve inside the feeder filters out bubbles and froth, another big bonus as a mother because the last thing I want is a baby who is struggling with wind!

Inside the packaging I found an instruction manual and the feeder.

My first impression of the feeder is that it is a great size holding 260ml (9oz), and it also has a very sleek and modern design.

The instructions were very clear and well written, making it easy to understand how I needed to disassemble the bottle in order to clean and sterilise it properly. It wasn’t fiddly to take apart the feeder and I had it in the sterilising solution within minutes. Continuing with the instructions I found that it was very easy to put the bottle back together and the instructions made it clear that I needed to fill the teat (using a little button) before feeding it to my baby. I went ahead and set it up all and ready to feed to him.

As the instructions suggest, I got us both into a comfortable breastfeeding position and put the teat into his mouth. He took the feeder straight away without pulling any funny faces! He also didn’t seem to be struggling with a fast milk flow as the suck/swallow pattern was much more natural, like when he feeds from me. The shape of the teat is also more natural, and the fact that we were able to use the feeder while he was positioned on his side close to me meant that he was much more comfortable taking the milk from the bottle.

It is a huge relief for me after trying other brands that I now am confident that he will take milk from another source other than me! I will certainly use this product in the future and I will be recommending it my other breastfeeding friends to use it with their baby.  I would rate this product 5/5 – it is outstanding and has exceeded my already high expectations!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £7.50

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